Roman Atwood Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

The Dark Zone has been inhabited by cats and spiders, skulls and ghosts. The lights got turned on and from every corner the creatures have come out to turn them back off. Halloween inflatables have taken over and there is nothing we can do. Visit to learn which inflatables are still available.

Medical Inflatables

Inflatable Brain

An entrance pavilion for Design Miami/ 2012. Drift creates an unexpected moment within the context of the familiar white vinyl tent. Reformulating the material to create a floating environment. Inflated tubes are bundled together to create a topographical landscape in suspension. An ascending mountain above and an excavated cavern below. These long cylinders are arranged vertically to infill the area of the entrance courtyard. And then lifted to create areas of circulation and rest for the visitors entering and exiting the structure.



Filtered light passes between the tubes of the inverted landscape creating a space both interactive and contemplative. Apertures in the canopy above frame views of the Miami sky. Allow natural light and fresh air into the interior. The lightness of the floating tubes underscores the mass of the enormous installation, visible from a distance of several blocks. Drift identifies the entrance courtyard as a site of activity and design. The rising landscape becomes a beacon for visitors approaching Design Miami. While the excavated cavern presents a moment of exploration before entering the fair.

Photos by Markus Haugg.
Further reading:

cuka2 cuka, Cao Fei, House of Treasures, 2013, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Valis The exhibition’s theme pavilion, a 68-meter-long inflatable whale. (Photo/Fan Yang-kuang)