Inflatable bouncy castles production


Inflatable play equipment – inflatable bouncy castles

Play is the means by which children discover and understand the world in which they live and is an essential element in a child’s physical and mental growth.

It is important for children’s rounded development that, through the medium of play, they arrive at an understanding of danger which provides the basis for assessing safety in a variety of situations. The balance between challenge and safety is an important consideration.

We produce attractions, inflatable attractions, inflatable bouncers, obstacle courses, sports playgrounds, playgrounds.

Attractions manufacture custom-made or develop individual projects.

Quality is ensured by more than 20 years of experience in the production of amusement.

Attractions are manufactured in accordance with European standard EN 14960 safety requirements and regulations.

Inflatable play equipment referred to in this Standard can provide different levels of challenge and excitement. This European Standard aims to minimize the level of risk and the possibility of serious injury whilst allowing children to enjoy themselves when playing in or on an inflatable.

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