Nets, safety nets


Safety nets and Industrial nets

Made to order,

– Cover/ Load Securing Nets, for Trailers/ Pick Up Trucks, Securing Nets
– Pallet Rack Safety Nets
– Cargo Nets
– Debris Containment Netting and Tripod frames,
– Safety and Industrial nets, Nets are made to order per meter squared or feet squared. All our nets meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.
– Bird protection nets
– Do-it-yourself nets:

  1. 1,5mm, 3cm, -4m x 4m,
  2. 2,3mm, 4,5 cm – 2m x 5m,
  3. 2,8mm, 12cm – 3m x 5m,
  4. 4mm, 10cm, – 2m x 3m

– Embankment/gradient safety nets
– Safety Nets for Bridges
– Sewage works safety nets for various purposes all mesh sizes , rope sizes
– Wire-rope Nets, Industrial Ropes, Polypropylene synthetic hemp-colored ropes, Steel – Line Polypropylene Rope, Polyester Rope
– Light projectors
– Ski-slope nets/snow fencing

  1. Snow fence,
  2. Ski-slope nets, certified
  3. Ski-slope safety nets
  4. Ski-slope triangular nets
  5. Ski-slope barrier nets
  6. Accessories for ski nets.

– Soccer Goal Nets, Ice Hockey Goal Nets, Beach Volleyball – Complete Sets, Volleyball Net Sets – Leisure, Protection Safety Nets, Junior Lawn Tennis Set, Baseball nets, Golf Practice Net, “Adventure course” net, Ropes & Cords for Schools /Gymnastics, Jump ropes, Long Ropes & Double Dutch Ropes, Balancing rope, “Tug of War” ropes, Climbing ropes.