TENTTEX – company which works with tent textiles

We manufacture our products by using high quality PVC vinyl tarpaulin, canvas, acrylic, polyester, nylon materials that are produced in EU and that have various tones and technical properties.

Our products – tarps, tents, covers, awnings, curtains, inflatable structures, bouncers, advertising, etc.

  • TARPS – vehicles and boats, different types of covers, chip trailers filters, awning design,
  • catamaran roofs;
  • TENTS -, trade, sheds, covers, for building objects. Tents for the armed forces, security services, military units, rescue services, medical services.
  • COVERS – different types of covers, sand boxes, outdoor bath, jacuzzi and swimming pool covers, nets and ropes;
  • AWNINGS, pergolas, terrace awnings, glass roof systems, secure systems – from the company STOBAG AG from Switzerland;
  • REPAIR – repair all kind products of PVC vinyl tarpaulin, tarps repair, sewing, gluing, welding;
  • FOR MEASURE – inflatable gates organizing events and competitions, inflatable advertising figures, stands, stages;
  • SPORT – inflatable trampolines and bags, upholstery, mattresses,  nets and ropes, ski slopes and equipment kits for kids, foam rubber filled with sports equipment – airbags, sports, stunt, ski hills, etc.;
  • ADVERTISING – inflatable and foam rubber filled with promotional items, all kinds of visual advertising – banners, signs signs, advertisements and company logos on awnings, tarps, tents, inflatable structures, bouncers;
  • INFLATABLE PLAY EQUIPMENT – Inflatable bouncy castles, inflatable jumpers, inflatable bouncers, inflatable attractions;
  • RENTAL – Tents, inflatable gates.

„TentTex” is willing to give consultations, so if You have something to ask or some ideas to discuss, You are welcome to call or write us. We will always be ready to help You!